Thursday, July 7, 2011

The weigh-in report

Well, I was up 2.2lbs. It could have been worse considering the scale had me up 6 lbs on Monday! Yikes! I cannot make myself behave on the weekends. Do I not want this badly enough? I'm not being unrealistic with goal weight so I don't have an excuse other than that...


Healthy Jen said...

It sounds like you did a lot of damage control this week!

Why don't you only commit to 1 weekend of staying on track... and see how that effects your weigh in? Maybe that will motivate you to be more on track for other weekends? And this weekend when you want to fall off the wagon, just remind yourself it's just this one weekend you're being good and maybe that will help you stay on track this weekend? That's my plan anyway!!! :)