Thursday, July 7, 2011

The weigh-in report

Well, I was up 2.2lbs. It could have been worse considering the scale had me up 6 lbs on Monday! Yikes! I cannot make myself behave on the weekends. Do I not want this badly enough? I'm not being unrealistic with goal weight so I don't have an excuse other than that...

Monday, July 4, 2011

A hard fall from the wagon!

Well, as of last Wednesday (my weigh in day) I was down 4 lbs. Holy.
THEN the weekend happened. It wasn't pretty. There were alcoholic drinks, snacks, desserts and who knows what else. I paid ZERO attention to points or calories or serving sizes.
Enough of that. Today will be spent trying to crawl back onto that wagon.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Can't count

So apparently it is tomorrow that will be one week back on track! Sneek peak on the scale this AM looked promising though.
Food highlight yesterday = strawberry shortcake made with Ontario strawberries, a 2 point cherry chip muffin and a tiny bit of ice cream. There may be a repeat on that one today!
This morning consisted of a HOT workout that was mostly running. I didn't have my usual babysitter though so baby C came along in the jogging stroller. Not sure if it was the weather or pushing the stroller or both but OMG it was hard!!! Hopefully I can keep food under control today as I'm usually starving after a workout. I CAN do it :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Oh Weekend...

you are so hard to get through while staying on track!!! We were home most of Saturday (aside from a trip to the new Sportchek in Lindsay and to the grocery store to grab a few things to make baby C's food). I did alright foodwise until the evening when I couldn't stay out of the baked dill chips. And since it was Saturday, a drink was in order too.
Yesterday, baby C and I headed to my parents at the lake so food tracking was difficult. I guesstimated the best I could though and am moving on. Tomorrow is 1 week back (or is it Wednesday?) so that's when weigh in will be. Hoping for something encouraging ;)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hi Jen!

Glad to see my faithful reader is back :)
C is napping right now so it is blogging time! Yesterday was a pretty good day but I definitely used up some of my flex points. I went out for dinner and may have had a drink or two? Yes, it was two! There was also some raspberry gelato for dessert, which turns out to be a not bad decision on the dessert front.
The weekends are usually a problem for me because I don't feel like making meals. Plus, alot of the time we are out and about which makes things hard. Today there was a stop at Tim's for breakfast but instead of the usual bagel, I had yogurt and berries and a tea with milk and splenda. Then I went to the Farmer's market and picked up some local red leaf lettuce and a basil plant! Yum!
I'm not sure what's on tap for the rest of the day but so far so good!
Happy Weekend :)
PS. I am using the old WW system because it worked before and I have the materials and know how to do it.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I feel good!

Day 1 went well. Food was on track and we snuck in a 45 min. walk.
Food included:
Toast with pb & j (6), pita pizza (5), salad with goat cheese (1), tilapia (4), perogies (4), more salad (0), cukes and vinegar (0), awesome 2 point muffin (made with cherry chip cake mix and crushed pineapple - YUM!), and a gummy candy (1??).
Sorry this doesn't seem exciting. Just trying to be accountable :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Start

Well today is the day! I can't seem to get myself under control so today I found a weight watchers tracking book and began the journey to lose 10 - 13 lbs. I like to fluctuate somewhere between 155-158 and I'm not there right now and that needs to change. I have a late night snacking problem and I'm willing to admit it!!
I have been busy with my toddler (yes, there has been a baby since I last posted that is now basically a toddler) but that is not an excuse to not make some time to plan my food. I do take the time to exercise a few times a week but my food is not up to par.
Hopefully I can post during Baby C's afternoon nap and try to make myself accountable. Jen? Are you still out there???